Don’t be bullied into foreclosure!

Mortgage lenders are required by law to follow a particular set of guidelines when it comes to the foreclosure process. Oftentimes, such lenders fail to follow the rules and then use bullying and intimidation tactics to confuse and manipulate struggling homeowners from ensuring that the rules and regulations are completely followed. That’s where we come in.

In such a case, you could go from losing your home to the mortgage company owing YOU money.

We have faced some of the largest mortgage companies in the world and won significant compensation for our clients. Ever thought you could go from losing your home to receiving $60,000+ in compensation? We’ve delivered for others in the past, and we can deliver for you now.

Unlawful Practices That Are Frequently Done by Mortgage Lenders:

Negotiating With You While Pursuing Foreclosure

Using Fraudulent Signatures On Documents

Refusal of Loan Modifications to Eligible Borrowers

Forcing You to Contact Multiple Lender Contacts

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